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 Page Title   Description
The Top-Notch Wedding DJ home page.

About Top-Notch About the Melbourne Wedding DJ Top-Notch Entertainment Pty Ltd
  Ceremony Music A Guitarist or DJ for Wedding Ceremony music
  Emcee What's a Wedding Emcee, and what is their role?
  Guitarist Who is the guitarist and what do they offer?
  Information Sessions Find out about the free Information Sessions in our Showroom
  Last Minute Wedding DJ Need a Wedding DJ at the last minute?
  Last Minute Wedding MC Need a Wedding MC at the last minute?
  Master of Ceremonies What is a Master of Ceremonies, and what is their role?
  Meet Your Actual DJ Come and meet your own Wedding DJ in person.
  Pre Dinner Drinks Pre-dinner drinks entertainment options
  Wedding DJ What is a Wedding DJ, and what is their role?
  Wedding MC What is a Wedding MC, and what is their role?

Blog   The Top-Notch Entertainment Blog

Bookings   The booking process explained for the Melbourne Wedding DJ.

Bouquet Toss   The bouquet toss at your wedding reception.

Bridal & Wedding Expos A list of upcoming expos I will be attending.

Bridal Party Entrance Explains the process of the bridal party entrances.

Bridal Party Roles Outlines the roles of the people in the Bridal Party.

Bridal Waltz Talks about the bridal waltz at your reception.

Brochures Download a brochure instantly.

Cake Cutting Explains the Cake Cutting formality at your reception.

Cocktail Weddings Are you thinking of having a Cocktail Reception.

Contact   How to get in touch with Professional Wedding Entertainment?

Corporate DJ Do you need a Corporate DJ for your next Corporate event?

Departure Methods The different Departure methods explained.
  Casual Departure Explains the Casual Departure method.
  Discreet Departure Explains the Discreet Departure method.
  Farewell Circle Explains the Farewell Circle departure method.
  Guard of Honour Explains the Guard of Honour departure method.

Destination Weddings Are we available for destination weddings?

Expectations A list of what people will be expecting at your reception.

(Frequently Asked Questions)
A list of frequently asked questions regarding my Wedding Entertainment service.

Formalities Outlines some of the more common wedding formalities
  Bouquet Toss Explains the Bouquet Toss / Throw.
  Bridal Party Entrance Details of how the Bride & Groom enter their reception.
  Bridal Waltz (First Dance) Details the Bridal Waltz or First Dance.
  Cutting the Cake The cake cutting formality explained.
  Father / Daughter Dance Explains the Father - Daughter dance in detail.
  Garter Toss Not sure how to do the garter toss, this article may help.
  Pre-Dinner Drinks Explains your pre-dinner drinks (should you have them?).
  Speeches The speeches in detail, who says what and when?

Insurance   Is your entertainer required to have insurance

Lighting Effects What lighting effects are used at wedding receptions?

Location Search Search a database of town locations for your wedding

Master of Ceremonies Learn about the role of the Master of Ceremonies.

MC Duties   What does an MC need to do at the reception?

Music Selection Help choose the music selection for your reception.
  Bouquet Toss Songs Lists the most popular Bouquet Toss songs.
  Bridal Waltz (First Dance) Lists the most popular Bridal Waltz songs.
  Cake Cutting Songs List of the most popular Cake Cutting songs.
  Ceremony Music Lists possible wedding ceremony music options.
  Cultural Music Learn how having cultural music at your reception is easy.
  Entrance Songs Lists the most popular Bridal Party Entrance songs.
  Farewell Circle Songs Lists the most popular Farewell Circle songs.
  Father / Daughter Dance Lists the most popular Father / Daughter Dance songs.
  First Dance (Bridal Waltz) Lists the most popular First Dance or Bridal Waltz songs.
  Garter Toss Lists the most popular Garter Toss songs.
  Introduction Songs Lists the most popular Bridal Party Introduction songs.
  Mother / Son Dance Lists the most popular Mother / Son Dance songs.
  Popular Wedding Songs Explains the most popular wedding song requests.
  Supply Your Own Music How can you provide your own music for your wedding reception?

P.A. System (Sound System) See the sound system which would be used at your reception.
  Microphones Discover the microphones used for speeches at your reception.
  P.A. Hire Hire a P.A. System for your Wedding Ceremony or Cocktail Wedding
  Sound System Talks about the sound system used at wedding receptions

Packages What types of entertainment packages are on offer?

Policies View our company policies.
  Copyright Outlines the use of Copyright material at your event
  Feedback A way of providing feedback to us.
  Privacy Policy Our Privacy Policy in detail
  Terms & Conditions Terms & Conditions for booking Top-Notch Entertainment Pty Ltd
  Terms of Use The Terms of Use you agree to when using our website

Reception Format The most popular format for a Traditional Wedding Reception.

Recommended Suppliers Local preferred suppliers I have had excellent dealings with.

Reviews & Testimonials Reviews and testimonials from past wedding couples.

School Disco Do you need a DJ for a school disco?

Search For A Wedding Venue Lists some of the popular wedding venues
  Country Towns Search in country or regional Victoria towns
  Melbourne Suburb Search venues in Melbourne suburbs.
  Country Venues Search for a country Victorian venue.
  Melbourne venues Search for a Melbourne venue.

Seating Your Guests Explains how your guests should be seated at the reception.

Special Offer Check out this current month's Special Offer.

Unique Approach Explains my unique approach to wedding entertainment.

Test And Tagging Another division of Top-Notch Entertainment Pty Ltd which offers test and tagging to associated business.

Venue Types Lists some of the popular wedding venues
  Beach Search popular beach locations.
  Bowling Club Search popular golf club locations.
  Golf Club Search popular golf club locations.
  Hotel Search popular hotel locations.
  Parks & Gardens Search popular parks and garden locations.
  Racecourse Search popular racecourse locations.
  RSL Clubs Search popular racecourse locations.
  Shire Halls Search popular racecourse locations.
  Sports Club Search popular racecourse locations.
  Life Saving Club Search popular life saving club locations.
  Town Hall Search popular town hall locations.
  Wedding Reception Venues Search popular wedding reception venue locations.
  Winery Search popluar winery locations.
  Yacht Club Search popular yacht club venues.

Videos Watch some videos of Top-Notch in action.

Wedding & Bridal Expos A list of upcoming expos I will be attending.

Where is your Wedding? Lists some of the popular wedding venue regions
  Ballarat Search the Ballarat region.
  Bendigo Search the Bendigo region.
  Country and Regional Victoria Search venues in country Victoria.
  Dandenong Ranges Search the Dandenong Ranges region.
  Eastern Suburbs Search Melbourne's Eastern Suburbs.
  Echuca Search the Echuca region.
  Geelong and Bellarine Peninsula Search the Geelong and Bellarine Peninsula region.
  Melbourne Inner City Search Melbourne's Inner City Suburbs.
  Mornington Peninsula Search the Mornington Peninsula region.
  Northern Suburbs Search Melbourne's Northern Suburbs.
  Shepparton Search the Shepparton region.
  South Eastern Suburbs Search Melbourne's South Eastern Suburbs.
  Western Suburbs Search Melbourne's Western Suburbs.
  Yarra Valley Search the Yarra Valley region

Working With Children Check Is a 'Working With Children Check' card required.

If you have any questions please call 0417 014 173 or to discuss them.

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