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Primary Schools
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Primary Schools

Selecting Music For Your Primary School Disco

The music chosen for discos at primary schools is a vital part of the planning process.

We all want the children to hear the songs they're familiar with, however, often songs they hear on the car radio are unsuitable.

I welcome your input into the music selection, and you can certainly make a list of songs you do not want played at your disco. Even if requested by students, I ensure these songs are not played on the night.

Each song is given careful consideration to ensure it does not contain swearing, sexual innuendo or self-harm. Any such songs are removed from the play list.

I can even play songs which have been worked on as 'classroom activities', as the students always respond well to something they already know the dance moves to.

You can even let the students have some input into the song selection. However, if there is any doubt as to the content of the song, then the song is not played.

Cultural music—no problem!

School discos can even incorporate music from a mix of cultural backgrounds. You can supply me with any of your music selections you wish prior to the start of the disco.

All music supplied on CD by schools must be delivered to me at least one week prior to the disco. This allows time to ensure that all music plays correctly on my equipment, and leaves enough time to make alternative arrangements in the event that it does not.

It is also assumed by Top-Notch Entertainment Pty Ltd that all schools have legally purchased their music (i.e. they are the legal owners of the CD).
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