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School Disco Lighting Effects
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School Disco Lighting Effects

Lighting Effects At Your School Disco

The lighting effects chosen for your school disco are just as important as your music selection. They also play an important part in creating the atmosphere for the staff and students.

Using the right lighting at the right time creates an incredible atmosphere, but using them at the wrong time can destroy the mood.

At our consultation we will discuss the options of lighting available, and make suggestions as to what I feel is best suitable.

There is no extra charge for the lighting, they are all included in our quote.
Primary School Disco <?php echo $row[title];?> - Yes Yes, lighting effects are included in the cost.
Primary School Disco <?php echo $row[title];?> - Yes Yes, you can choose the lighting effects.
Primary School Disco <?php echo $row[title];?> - No

No 'strobe' lights used at your school disco.
Feel free to ask me why?

Primary School Disco <?php echo $row[title];?> - No No smoke machines at your school disco.
Feel free to ask me why?

For those who like technical details, read about some of the more popular lights…

Primary School Disco Sirius LED Light

Sirius LED Flower Light Effect

48 bright LED's (24 x red, 12 x blue, 12 x green), 16 various RGB patterns, 3 DMX channels.

LED light effect that creates multiple RGB patterns, with functions such as auto, sound to light and DMX operation.

Ideal light effect for mobile DJs and installation in small venues.

Primary School Disco Mushroom Light
Primary School Disco Mushroom Light Effect

Mushroom 500w

A bright and stunning light to add that extra effect to your night. Music activated, simply set and forget!

A very popular disco effect light with twin high powered globes throwing from a 180 degree multi coloured mushroom housing while moving to the sound of your favourite music, ensures an exciting visual experience.

When combined with a smoke machine, this effects light will cover a wide area with multiple beams of colour.

– Sound to light activation
– 2x 240volt 300w halogen globes
– Fan cooled internal circuit
– Robust steel construction
– Adjustable mounting bracket

Primary School Disco Penguin LED Light
Primary School Disco Penguin LED Light Effect

Penguin Light

The Penguin offers a stunning, rich multi-coloured display similar to a traditional moonflower and is also fitted with a flat mirror which swings 90 degrees to the beat of the music.

With sound activation it projects pin sharp beams which stands shoulder to shoulder with any other moonflower around. Virtually no heat is produced and with no lamp to replace it will prove to be a first class light effect for thousands of hours without consuming a single lamp.

Primary School Disco Magic Ball Light
Primary School Disco Magic Ball Light Effect


Spherical rotating head with multiple coloured lenses

Rotating ball 30cm
4 Different lenses
Suitable for ceiling mounting

Consumption 180W
Lamp DRA 230V, 150W
Replacement lamp 159321
Rotation per minute 5
Power supply 230Vac, 50Hz
Dimensions 180 x 180 x 330mm
Weight 1.8kg

Primary School Disco American DJ Light

American-DJ Light

Speckled light effect to cast spot beams of light across a room. Adds a beautiful, subtle ambiance of light.

Two of these lights are available:

- 1 x red
- 1 x yellow

Primary School Disco ACME Light Chaser

ACME CA-410 Light Chaser

Four channel light controller, 4 chase modes, sound triggered via in-built microphone, variable chase speed, blackout button, 4 manual buttons to manually switch on/off Inductive load per channel.

Individual channel on/off switches, Audio or Chase mode indicated by LED's on front panel, chase mode and speed controllers plus remote control via on board DMX. The unit can also be used as a DMX four channel switch pack.

Primary School Disco Par Light Stand

Par Can Stands

Cluster of 4 Par cans linked to light chaser.

Two of these racks (each containing 4 lights) are available.

Great lighting effect, and a very popular choice for wedding receptions.

Primary School Disco Par Light Gel Filters

Gel Filters

High-quality gel filters used to alter colour of par lights.

Available in red, green, yellow and blue.

Call 0417 014 173 or to discuss your lighting requirements?

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